April 21, 2018

Our Services

About Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing allows our company to really get to know our consumers, to hear their questions and concerns, to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal consumer. The personal touch we add to our clients’ names and products makes Thrive more effective in customer acquisitions, retention, marketing research and new market development. We are in more control than a commercial or billboard. Our presentations are tailored to each individual consumer.

Why Direct Marketing

Imagine how many times you’ve seen a commercial, billboard, email, etc. and considered the product but didn’t follow through with the purchase because you were perhaps unsure, had a question or just didn’t have the time. Through our direct marketing strategies we solve that problem. We create the relationship, provide answers to the questions and take care of the entire process for the consumer. Why not Direct Marketing?

Our services include:
– Business to Business
– Business to Consumer
– Retail
– Events
– Promotions
– New Market Development